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Litton's Summer Produce

Product Information


These are the tenative prices for the season. If you do not see a price for something you wish to buy, please contact us.  We will be happy to help you.


2018 Price List (updated 6-25-18)

                                                                             (subject to change at any time)


Asparagus$3.00/half-pound bunch

Beets$2.00/bunch or quart,  $14.50/half bushel, $28/bushel

Blueberries$6.50/qt Already picked,  $3.25/pound u-pick

Broccoli= $2.00/ head

Cantalope= Various prices

Corn (Bi-Color)= $4.75/dozen, $2.50/half-dozen

Cucumbers= $1.00/pound

Eggplant= $1.50/pound

Homemade Jam= $4.00/8 oz. jar

Greenbeans= $2.50/quart

Peppers= $1.50/pound

Pickling Cucumbers= $2.50/quart, $20.00/half-bushel, or $40.00/bushel

Pumpkins= Priced by pound

Spring Onions= $1.50 bunch

Squash (yellow, pattypan, and zucchini)= $1.00/pound

Sweet Onions= $1.50/pound

Sweet Potatoes= $1.00/pound

Tomatoes= $2.00/pound

Watermelon= Various prices